'School is Cool' Punk Faux Leather Military Style Hat With Studs And Chains
A military-style punk hat with metal embellishments and PU leather, this hat is perfect for cosplay!With metal studs, an exclusive ‘Devil Fashion’ logo decoration and chains, it looks super rebellious as punk fashion accessories usually look like.The metal spikes in...
'Moonless Night' Patterned Gothic Mask
Add some darkness to your daily life with this simple gothic wardrobe essential.This gothic mask is reusable and very durable. Contribute to combating environmental issues which persist to this day with this. The elastic ear loops are adjustable too. Wear with...
'Stay Out Of My Dreams' Gothic Jacquard Belt with Zipper
A gothic belt inspired by victorian fashion with a sublime gothic print.The front features floral embroidery and a zipper which makes this belt easier to put on.The back features a corset-style enclosure with a ribbon that can be adjusted as...
'Phantom Blood' Punk Spiked Body Harness
A distressed punk body harness with bronze metal embellishments.The spikes on each side can be unscrewed if preferred.The waistline and buckles on the thighs are adjustable. Product Specifications:Style: PunkFabric: 45% Synthetic Leather, 55% Mucilage Glue
$115.00 $60.00
Sold Out
'Disintegration' Punk Body Harness With Spikes
A punk body harness with spikes.The spikes on the side can be unscrewed if preferred.The buckles on the waistline and garters are adjustable. Product Specifications:Style: PunkFabric: 50% Cotton, 50% Synthetic Leather
$105.60 $67.00
'Autumn Rain' Veiled Gothic Mask
Morbidity intermingled with gloominess, the 'Autumn Rain' veiled gothic mask is not only unique but chic too!Wear this to your next club reading while you recite 'Raven' by Poe. This cotton and spandex blend mask is reusable and very durable.Contribute to...
'Poison and Passion' Punk Patent Leather Mask
Holographic teeth, patent leather and mesh, this punk mask has got it all!This mask can go with many of your outfits and is perfect for wearing during a weekend night out or for cosplay.The stretchy ear-loops can be adjusted and...
'Abandoned Carnival' Gothic Top Hat with Fishnet and Feathers
A gothic top hat with mesh and feathers.The hat is additionally decorated with various laces, fishnet and beads. Product Specifications:Style: GothicFabric: 100% Polyester
'Death's Embrace' Embroidered Punk Mask
Put that punk face mask on and death won't catch you by surprise ! The skeletal hands are embroidered by hand, thus being more detailed and realistic than usual, buy it, because you'll definitely a special person in a crowd...
'Fleeting Glance' Gothic Pleated High Collar (Black)
A shimmery, pleated gothic high collar that can be paired with a variety of alternative apparel.It is bordered with lace and the neck is embellished with fishnet and a buckle with black drop-shaped beads.This collar is unisex. Product Specifications:Style: GothicFabric:...
$44.00 $34.00
'Bacall' Gothic Comb Pin with Black Roses
Noir cinema, glamour and living on the edge in one hair accessory.Isn’t this gothic comb pin something that you can too envision a Femme Fatale wearing, like us? Product Specifications:Style: GothicFabric: 100% Cotton
$23.80 $18.00
'Laying Down The Law' Punk Metallic Faux Leather Belt
A punk belt to help you fiercely express yourself!This belt features a metallic leather bodice, a corset styled back and silver coloured metal buttons.The hooks on the front can be fastened and the ribbon interlaced with eyelets on the back...
'Lost Highway' Gothic Mesh Cape With Hood
Gothic mesh cape with hood. The fabric is translucent and printed with floral gothic pattern. It is bordered with both simple and beaded lace and the ribbon on front is adjustable. Product Specifications: Style: Gothic Fabric: polyester 93%, spandex 7%
Sold Out
'Callista' Gothic Neckerchief And Headwear Accessory (Black)
A gothic neckerchief and headwear accessory. It is lined by ruffled lace that can be removed if preferred. Product Specifications:  Style: Gothic Fabric: Polyester 100%
'Ethereal Decay' Gothic Lace Choker
This gothic lace choker is absolutely beautiful and is definitely one of the most elegant gothic accessories we have got here!Feminine and sexy with its floral lace, dangling beads and a hand sewed fabric rose, it will definitely enhance the...
$32.00 $21.00
'Noxious Desires' Mesh Punk Mask
Skeletons and skulls look cute on clothing articles most of the time, right? Well, this one isn't going to!This cotton and spandex punk mask is for people who don't loathe death without understanding it fairly.This mask is reusable and very...
'Icarus' Cotton Punk Mask
'And down fell Icarus on the ground', this punk mask does give you wings but not the ones which can help you fly of course, so don't worry about any hazards!The cotton and spandex mask itself is made of cotton,...
'Void' Gothic Plush Cloak Lined With Fur
Gothic plush cloak lined with fur. The texture of the fabric is grainy and soft and there are two pom poms on the back alongside a crisscross design. The hemline is bordered with fur lace. Product Specifications: Style: Gothic Fabric:...
'Ghoulish Soirèe' Punk Brooch
A punk brooch. The design is skulls that are stacked together alongside dangling coffin and knife pendants.   Product Specifications:. Style: Punk
'Magick' Gothic Crown Headwear
Gothic crown headwear.     It is studded with black crystals. Product Specifications: Style: Gothic Fabric: Zinc Alloy 100%
'Demian' Punk Buckle Girdle.
Punk buckle girdle. It is made out of elastic PU leather. There are snap buttons on the back. Product Specifications: Style:Punk Fabric: Synthetic Leather 70%, Iron Alloy 30%
‘Sweet Revenge’ Gothic Girdle
A gothic girdle. The fabric is printed and the hemline is bordered with floral lace. There are hooks on the centre-front and the ribbon at the back can be adjusted as preferred. Product Specifications: Style:Gothic  Fabric: Synthetic Leather 50%, Cotton...
'Earthbound' Gothic Bow Tie
A gothic bow tie. The fabric is textured and flocked at the center. There is a ribbon strap at the back. Product Specifications: Style: Gothic Fabric: 70% Polyester, 30% Rayon
'Fleeting Glance' Gothic Pleated High Collar (White)
A shimmery, pleated gothic high collar that can be paired with a variety of alternative apparel. It is bordered with lace and the neck is embellished with fishnet and a buckle with black drop-shaped beads. This collar is unisex. Product...
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