'Morticia' Gothic Knitted Lace Dress
“Life’s not all lovely thorns and singing vultures, you know.” But with this gothic dress, it can be!This beautiful fringe dress is made of stretchy cotton and lace, making it a perfectly balanced combination of classy and sexy. This dress is...
'Cthulhu' Gothic Sling Dress
A gothic sling dress that is perfect for wearing casually.It features spaghetti straps, beaded embroidery and lace borders.The skirt is layered with distressed mesh fabric. Product Specifications:Style: GothicFabric:97% Polyester, 3% Spandex
'Devil Inside Me' Gothic Dress with Shoulder Slits
An elegant gothic dress inspired by Victorian-era fashion.With its shoulder slits, embroidered mesh panels, asymmetrical hem and high neckline, it is perfect to wear on a semi-formal and formal occasion. The neckline is bordered by lace and the cuffs of...
'Rusalka' Gothic Solid Coloured Dress With Kimono Sleeves
A hooded gothic dress with kimono sleeves.Stretchable and comfortable, it is perfect for wearing casually. Product Specifications:Style: GothicFabric: 100% Cotton
‘Death's Scythe’ Gothic Evening Dress
A classic gothic fashion essential with a twist of Chinese culture, this dress is a contemporary take on Hanfu!The deep v neckline and flowy sleeves are very classy and feminine.The Feng shui frog button with beads contributes to pleats on...
$82.90 $70.00
'Roar' Gothic Dress With Distressed Hemline And Cuffs
A gothic dress with distressed hemline and cuffs. Other details include an off-shoulders neckline and lantern sleeves. The neckline features a mesh neckline and lace motif embellishments. Product Specifications: Style: Gothic Fabric: Polyester 97%, Spandex 3%
'Lucretia' Semi Formal Gothic Dress
A contemporary take on flapper vintage dresses, this gothic dress is one of its own kind.Sleek silhouette with embroidery, this is a must-have if you fancy a good ol' little black dress.The fabric is adequately elastic and has a seamlessly...
'Gretel' Steampunk Victorian Style Vintage Dress
This steampunk dress will make you feel like a protagonist of a Grimm's fairy tale!The fabric is woven cotton, soft and very comfortable to wear. Cuffs and Hems are embellished with embroidered gold lace, which goes perfectly with the off...
'Angelique' Gothic Midi Dress
Inspired by fashion in vintage dark cinema? This gothic dress is an appropriate example of alternative modern inspired by a dash of vintage so that you can wear this dress formally!Lace, mesh and, velvet, this dress is a classic.There is...
'Wilhelmina' Gothic Floral Mesh Dress
Dark, very Victorian and reminiscent of our favourite lady's wardrobe who Dracule himself was in love with, this gothic dress is one of its own kind! The ruffled cuffs, all those velvet embellishments and sheer floral mesh fabric, this dress...
'Stellaluna' Casual Punk Dress with Bat Sleeves
Shoulder slits, asymmetrical hem and bat sleeves, this punk dress is everything you are thinking while looking at it and sexy, specifically sexy!Stitched carefully with perfection it is perfect for wearing casually, it doesn’t matter whether it is a casual...
$65.45 $58.00
'Manifestation' Gothic Dress With Distressed Hemline
A gothic dress with distressed hemline. The neckline is entirely made out of lace and embellished with beads. The corset inspired back is adjustable. Product Specifications: Style: Gothic  Fabric: Polyester 97%,  Spandex 3%
from $58.00
'Coraline' Cotton Punk Dress with Chains
Heavily inspired by Harajuku fashion, this punk dress doesn't only look good but is comfortable too!Mesh spliced waist and the chain on beltloop give this dress a tinge of both sexiness and grunginess.The chain is removable and this dress can...
'Social Distortion' Punk Midi Leather Dress
A synthetic leather punk dress.Details include metal embellishments, buckles and straps on waistline and lace-up style on one shoulder and back.The drawstrings and buckles both can be adjusted as preferred. Product Specifications:Style: PunkFabric: 66% Synthetic Leather, 34% Polyester
'Love Like Blood' Floor Length Fishtail Dress
A stunning, glamorous floor-length gothic dress that belongs in a film noir!The skirt features floral embroidery whereas the bodice is embossed with a gothic paisley pattern.Feathered lace is sewn on the shoulders also. Product Specifications:Style: GothicFabric: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
'Crimson and Clover' Punk Tartan Mesh Skater Dress
The Devil Fashion's casual Scottish dress with red plaid is knitted with stretchy material makes it a perfect fit for girls to present a lovely gothic style. This causal gothic outfit has a waist spliced with mesh therefore it is...
$74.00 $60.00
'Levitate' Cyberpunk Printed Dress
A printed cyberpunk dress featuring panels of plain knit polyester.The waist is cinched with lace-up ornamental style and circuit print is all over the dress except shoulder and sleeves.The slits at the back of the hemline ensure comfort. Product Specifications:Style:...
'Unholy' Gothic Dress With Sweetheart Neckline And A Tailcoat
An elegant gothic dress with a sweetheart neckline and a tailcoat entirely composed off of floral mesh fabric.Other details include embellishment of neckline with feathers and multi-layered gauze skirt.The ribbon interlaced on the back can be adjusted as preferred. Product Specifications:Style:...
'Not Of This World' Gothic Fitted Velvet Dress
A gothic dress with side slits, stunning embroidery on mesh panels and flowy sleeves.The neckline features lace and a rose and is entirely composed of printed mesh fabric.The sleeves can be adjusted as preferred with ribbons that both of them...
'Miss Narcissist' Lace and Mesh Gothic Dress
Spaghetti straps with flared hem, this gothic dress features elements of both Harajuku fashion and Neo-gothic fashion.With details like red beads and a corset back, this dress is versatile enough to be worn on both casual and semi-casual occasions.Pair it...
'Beckoning' Punk Distressed Peplum Halter Neck Dress
A distressed punk halter neck dress.Its neckline is composed of synthetic leather and eyelets, the straps stretch until the end of the skirt.The skirt is translucent and the straps can be readjusted as pleased. Product Specifications:Style: PunkFabric: 100% Cotton
'Ophelia' Mesh Gothic Dress
With this gothic mesh dress as a part of your wardrobe, the day you will be wearing this will basically be Halloween because of how happy you will be!This mesh dress not only looks sexy but sophisticated. The pattern is...
Party Queen Steampunk Semilucent Apricot Hollow Out Sleeveless Sexy Ladies Mesh Dress
Product Description: Coffee?queen cross flocking printing mesh stitching with black elastic pure cotton knitted fabric. The center front semilucent invisible and revealing skin color. Waist side stitched with elastic rubber string. Hem sharp Angle design. The lining is made of...
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