'The Last Express' Steampunk Slim Fit Trousers With Holster Pouch
Steampunk slim fit trousers with a holster pouch.The black suede panel is distressed and there is a holster pouch on one side that is attached to the trousers with a lobster clasp.The holster pouch can be detached. Product Specifications:Style: SteampunkFabric: 95% Cotton,...
$115.00 $69.00
'Pendragon' Steampunk Waterfall Skirt
Are you flamboyant like Howl too? If yes, then this steampunk skirt will surely match your taste in clothing! The base of the skirt is made of black cotton and linen, the corset of washed leather, and for a classic...
'Outlaw' Steampunk Trousers with Lace Up Style
These incredibly cool steampunk cedar coloured pants are a perfect example of classic steampunk fashion making them perfect for beginners who have started experimenting with steampunk recently!Slim-fit with leather loops, they are perfect to wear casually or for cosplay if...
'Pluto' Steampunk Fitted Trousers
These faux leather steampunk fitted trousers are just perfect with their metal embellishments!The buckles and studs along with distressed light wash patchwork here and there gives them a classic alternative aesthetic.The contrast only makes the decorations stand out even more...
'Nekhbet' Steampunk Corset with Metal Buckles
'Nekhbet Steampunk Corset' is the epitome of classic steampunk fashion with its complex metal embellishments and distressed, grainy texture! This corset has not only metal buckles that can be adjusted but also a zipper inside, which makes it incredibly comfortable...
Sold Out
'Digress' Distressed Steampunk Bandage Gloves
Distressed leather and mesh with bronze coloured metal loops, these steampunk gloves are so cool that you definitely want them in your wardrobe!The mesh is hexagonal and there are strings and buckles on both gloves.The strings and the buckles can...
'Akiko' Steampunk Pants With Holster Pouch (Soot)
Steampunk slim fit pants with a holster pouch. The black suede panel is distressed and there is a holster pouch on one side that is attached to the pants with a lobster clasp. The holster pouch can be detached. Product...
$108.00 $65.00
'Osmosis' Steampunk Leather Pants
A steampunk synthetic leather pants.It features two buckles on waistband, zippers on thighs and faux zippers along with studded leather straps on knees.The waistband and leather straps on knees are both adjustable. Product Specifications:Style: SteampunkFabric: 50% Cotton, 50% Synthetic Leather...
'Calcifer' Steampunk Trousers With Vertical Stripes
Stripes have never gone out of style and apparently never will!These steampunk trousers are a steampunk fashion essential and you can customise them to showcase your individuality too!They are comfortable, stretchable and perfect for wearing casually. Product Specifications: Style: Punk...
'Tossing All Your Love Out' Distressed Steampunk Trousers
With a variety of fabrics stitched together with the base one being distressed and discoloured, these steampunk trousers are one of the best steampunk clothing articles of apparel that we’ve got to offer!The metal embellishments are gold and include loops, studs, a...
'Gears and Cogs' Steampunk Corset Vest
A cute steampunk corset vest to add a dash of vintage fashion to your casual outfits!The hook at the neckline and bodice can be unfastened, the string at the back can be adjusted. Product Specifications:Style: SteampunkFabric: 63% Cotton, 33% Polyester, 4% Synthetic...
'Dorothy' Steampunk Peplum Top
Feminine and puff-sleeved, this steampunk peplum top is a perfect choice to wear on a day out during summer!'Slim-fit' with embellishments like lace-up detail and an intricate collar, this alternative top is one of a kind. Product Specifications: Style: SteampunkFabric:...
'Jabberwocky' Steampunk Linen Shirt
Embark on an anachronist odyssey with this steampunk linen shirt!Shoulder segmentation is a detail to behold and so is the stitching of the collar and cuffs.The buttons are stylized with gothic antique engravings, giving a tinge of sepia to white...
'Anachronistic Fantasy' Steampunk Faux Leather Distressed Skirt
This steampunk skirt is a vision to behold!Various clothes spliced together with the hem of lace and distressed cloth, this steampunk skirt is amazing and can be paired with a variety of bottoms.The drawstrings at the back and front can...
‘Cutthroat’ Steampunk Gauntlets with Mesh Panelling
Show off your inner diva with these steampunk gauntlets as they are not only aesthetically pleasing but practical too!They are embellished with mesh and bronze coloured metal, are versatile enough to go with various other aesthetics and provide a strong...
'Solarium' Steampunk Pants with Thigh Strap
Solarium steampunk pants are not only extremely stretchy and comfortable to wear but trendy too!Slim-fit, with a thigh strap that has a bag embellished with metal carved and moulded in a classic steam-punk pattern, is a clothing article you should...
'Dominique' Faux Leather Steampunk Bow Tie
If you own many button-down shirts, then this bow tie is definitely going to spruce them up!With a subtle influence of gothic fashion with all those intricately carved metal embellishments and typically muted palette which is unique to steampunk fashion,...
'Kill For Me' Steampunk Blazer
A steampunk blazer. It features spliced leather collar and centre-front along with chains on waistline on the back and the front. The zipper on the front can be undone and the chains can be detached. Product Specifications: Style:Steampunk Fabric: Cotton...
Sold Out
'Phoenix' Steampunk Choker With Pendant
A steampunk choker with pendant.The pendant depicts wings and the choker is studded with spikes and eyelets.It has got buttons on the back. Product Specifications:Style: Steampunk
$20.60 $8.00
'Fault Line' Steampunk Vest With Belt Loops
A printed jacquard steampunk vest.It is embellished with faux leather, buckles on the front and a drawstring on the back.The buckles and drawstring can both be adjusted as preferred. Product Specifications:Style: SteampunkFabric:55% Cotton, 3% Spandex, 42% Polyester
$80.60 $69.00
'Gretel' Steampunk Victorian Style Vintage Dress
This steampunk dress will make you feel like a protagonist of a Grimm's fairy tale!The fabric is woven cotton, soft and very comfortable to wear. Cuffs and Hems are embellished with embroidered gold lace, which goes perfectly with the off...
'Ruminate' Steampunk Shorts with a Chain
A steampunk shorts with those trademark metal embellishments that cover it all over!Besides metal embellishments like the chain and gold studs, these shorts also feature faux-leather patches.The hem is scuffed and gives them a distressed look.The chain can be detached....
'Steampunk Dreamscape' Punk Keychain
A punk keychain. The small leather bag can be opened. The metal is copper alloy and doesn't rust. Product Specifications: Style: Punk Fabric: Synthetic Leather 50%, Copper Alloy 50%  
'Nocturne' Steampunk Faux Leather Vest
A steampunk vest that can positively make every alternative outfit of yours even more amazing!This vest features pleats and leather loops enclosed with faded gold buttons on the neckline, a skeletal hand metal zip slider and two pockets.The buckles at...
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