'Baroness' Gothic Long Coat with Fur Collar and Sleeves
Classy and cruelty-free, this gothic long coat with fur decor is one of the best things you'll buy!The fur decor is faux (don't be like Cruella) and can be removed. The whole winter alternative coat is made of the same...
'Crimson Moon' Embroidered Gothic coat with High Collar
A classic contrast of two colours which always look good no matter what! Your alternative wardrobe needs a Crimson Moon gothic coat because it is definitely not complete without it.This gothic coat is embellished with velveteen in red and black,...
$160.00 $130.00
'Crossroads' Punk Jacket with Fur and PU Leather
A unique faux fur and PU leather punk jacket that will help you express yourself better and reject conformity!Keep yourself warm with this edgy jacket that features a turtleneck neckline with buckled leather straps and an exclusive devil fashion zipper...
'Wolfsbane' Embroidered Gothic Coat
A gothic overcoat that gives off a classic femme fatale vibe and will keep you warm on the coldest nights.Heavily inspired by the unprecedented noir cinema from the 50s, this coat is very elegant with its fringed sleeves and a...
'Scarlet Town' Gothic Overcoat with Medici Collar
A Gothic overcoat featuring a classic slim silhouette with beautiful dark paisley patterned cloth layered on suede.The regal Medici collar neckline of this coat is what makes it stand out the most due to its historical significance and how it...
$180.00 $160.00
'Violations' Distressed Punk Mesh Coat
A distressed punk mesh coat with an asymmetrical hem android neckline.The scarfesque effect is achieved because of various fabrics being stitched together.It is also embellished with lace and ribbons. Product Specifications:Style: GothicFabric: 100% Polyester
'Blank Generation' Punk Woollen Coat
A punk overcoat with a high collar, cape neckline and full sleeves.The waistline is conjoined with embroidery and there is a slit in coattail. Product Specifications:Style: PunkFabric: 90% Polyester, 10% Viscose
'Demonic Priestess' Long Coat With Fur and Hood
A gothic woollen coat with faux-fur.The faux-fur border on the hood, collar and cuffs can be removed if wanted. Product Specifications:Style: GothicFabric: 90% Polyester, 10% Viscose
'Spelling Trouble' Gothic Jacket With Distressed Hemline
A gothic jacket with distressed hemline. The cuffs and hemline are appliqued with the gothic lace. The ribbon on the back is adjustable. Product Specifications: Style: Gothic   Fabric: Polyester 72%, Rayon 26%, Spandex 2%
'Lorelai' Gothic Embroidered Overcoat
Highly inspired by victorian fashion, this gothic top resembles a dress at a first glance because of its majestic collar and elegant floral pattern.Paisley stitched with suede, it’s warm and comfortable.The neckline is embroidered too and resembles a ravens’ wings.The...
'Always on Edge' Punk Fleece Hooded Coat
An amazingly balanced fusion of classic punk fashion and neo-punk fashion, this punk knitted coat will definitely help you to express your inclusivity better!The fabric is soft and dyed as dark as a moonless night.The loops on the waist are...
Storm Maiden' Gothic Trench Coat
A gothic trench coat. It has got a hood, lantern sleeves and a flared hemline. The buttons on centre-front can be undone. Product Specifications: Style: Gothic Fabric: 100% Polyester
'Decompose' Gothic Dinner Jacket
A gothic dinner jacket. Other details include appliqued lace on cuffs and centre-front alongwith lace-up design and velvet panel respectively. There is a decorative metal buckle on the back too. Product Specifications: Style: Gothic Fabric: Polyester 72%, Rayon 26%, Spandex...
'Black Clover' Punk Pentagram Zip Up Jacket
A punk pentagram zip-up jacket.It has got a choker neckline, a zipper along with drawstrings on the front and spikes on each shoulder.It is distressed and features asymmetric mesh panels too.The drawstring on the front is removable. Product Specifications:Style: PunkFabric: 70%...
$190.00 $180.00
'Woods, Wolf And Granny' Gothic Cloak
An elegant article of clothing that is bound to earn you some compliments, this gothic cloak is dark and gives off an aura of mystique!Accompanying an embroidered fringed shawl that can be likened to shawls that Stevie Nicks wore back...
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