'Bloodsucking Darkness' Gothic Fur Cloak With Hood
A gothic fur cloak with a hood. Details include decorative lace and buttons on centre-front. The hood can be detached.   Product Specifications: Style: Gothic Fabric: 60% Polyester, 40% Rayon
'Earthbound' Gothic Bow Tie
A gothic bow tie. The fabric is textured and flocked at the center. There is a ribbon strap at the back. Product Specifications: Style: Gothic Fabric: 70% Polyester, 30% Rayon
'Parasite Ego' Punk Cargo Pants 
Punk cargo pants with metal embellishments. There is a lace up style on one side and decorative buckles with a nylon strap on the other. Zip fly closure. Product Specifications: Style: Punk Fabric: Cotton 97%, Spandex 3%
'Gabriel' Punk Studded Shorts/Pants
Punk studded shorts/pants. There is a chain on one side and the centre-front is embellished with metal buttons. The zipper on thighs can be undone to convert the pants into shorts. Product Specifications: Style: Punk Fabric: Cotton 97%, Spandex 3%
'Deadly Desire' Punk Pentagram Cargo Pants
Punk pentagram cargo pants. The main fabric in composition is elastic and components used for embellishments are plastic buckles, elastic drawstring and a pentagram pendant. The waistband is adjustable. Product Specifications: Style: Punk Fabric: Cotton 97%, Spandex 3%
'Victorian Dandy' Formal Swallow-tail Goth Coat
Dorian Grey who?Wear this coat to formal goth events and stun people with your mystique and etiquette.It's embroidered collar and gothic engraved buttons make it even more 'otherworldly'!This black coat is definitely going to make you stand out, In a good...
'Vlad' Hooded Punk Synthetic Leather Long Coat (Blood Moon)
Feeling nostalgic about the first time you watched The Lost Boys? We have got you! This punk coat is not only comfortable to wear because of its twill suede interior but modish with its impeccable contemporary vampire chic style too....
'Crime of Passion' Punk Leather Glove
A faux leather punk golf with metal embellishments.Metal embellishments include skulls, chains and studs.The rings for fingers are stretchable and the snap button at the back of the wrist can be undone. Product Specifications:Style: GothicFabric: 100% Synthetic Leather
$29.50 $27.00
'Nero' Punk Coat With High Collar And Red Panels
A punk coat with high collar and red panels.There is a panel on centre-front with loops and buttons.Other details include minimalistic gothic lace, glass buttons, cape shoulders and buttons at the front that can be unfastened. Product Specifications:Style: PunkFabric: 100%...
$139.60 $80.00
'Die For Me' Gothic Embroidered Dovetail Coat
An embroidered gothic coat featuring velvet spliced with jacquard.This coat features embroidery on lapels along with metal embellishments, a high collar and cuffs that contrast beautifully with the burgundy base of the coat.The darker fabric is textured and the buttons at...
'Societal Suicide' Gothic Paisley Bow Tie
A gothic bow tie with a paisley beaded lace collar.It features black and white ruffles that contrast each other and a black jewel in the midst.The buttons at the back can be undone and readjusted. Product Specifications:Style: GothicFabric: 100% Polyester...
'Acolyte' Gothic Vest with Embroidery
A gothic vest with embroidery and folded cuffs.Both back and front of this vest are embossed with gold coloured floral printing, is fastened by metal hooks on the neckline.It has got a slit on the centre front also. Product Specifications:Style: GothicFabric:...
'Portrait Of Grey' Gothic Coat
A gothic coat with disc flower decorations of the centre front.It has got gold embroidery all over, folded cuffs and a swallowtail. The swallowtail is embroidered with gold thread too. Product Specifications:Style: GothicFabric: 100% Polyester
'Blood Confetti' Jacquard Gothic Coat
Classy, sophisticated and giving off a vibe of seething gloom, this gothic coat is everything goth sub-culture fashion is!The back slit and high collar make it reminiscent of classic victorian fashion.It is a fusion of gothic fashion and aristocratic victorian...
'Laying Down The Law' Punk Metallic Faux Leather Belt
A punk belt to help you fiercely express yourself!This belt features a metallic leather bodice, a corset styled back and silver coloured metal buttons.The hooks on the front can be fastened and the ribbon interlaced with eyelets on the back...
'Stay Out Of My Dreams' Gothic Jacquard Belt with Zipper
A gothic belt inspired by victorian fashion with a sublime gothic print.The front features floral embroidery and a zipper which makes this belt easier to put on.The back features a corset-style enclosure with a ribbon that can be adjusted as...
'Rest In Pieces' Gothic Bow Tie (Charred Coal)
A unisex gothic bow tie that can give an outfit of yours that classic 'Victorian Dandy' vibe!The pin is fastened by a pin clip that is at the back of the fringed jacquard fabric. Product Specifications:Style: GothicFabric: 70% Cotton, 15%...
'Knight Stalker' Gothic Hat
A gothic hat featuring a feather.It is decorated with lace and red glass diamonds. Product Specifications:Style: Gothic
'Regenerate' Punk Metal and Leather Belt
A unique punk belt composed of leather and metal chain with both materials sharing an equal ratio of its entire length.The vintage-inspired buckle can be unfastened and fastened. Product Specifications:Style: PunkFabric: 100% Cowhide
'Creature Of The Night' Punk Cape
The mystique of this gothic cape is unrivalled!There are slits for arms that are concealed inside for comfort.The ornamental metal hooks cannot be undone. You can wear it with a variety of fantasy cosplay outfits too. Product Specifications:Style: Punk Fabric:...
'Digress' Distressed Steampunk Bandage Gloves
Distressed leather and mesh with bronze coloured metal loops, these steampunk gloves are so cool that you definitely want them in your wardrobe!The mesh is hexagonal and there are strings and buckles on both gloves.The strings and the buckles can...
'Rest In Pieces' Gothic Bow Tie (Flaxen Ash)
A unisex gothic bow tie that can give an outfit of yours that classic 'Victorian Dandy' vibe!The pin is fastened by a pin clip that is at the back of the fringed jacquard fabric. Product Specifications: Style: GothicFabric: 70% Cotton,...
'Osiris Nightfall' Gothic Fitted Leather Coat
A gothic fitted coat composed of dark grained leather spliced with three-dimensional jacquard.It has a high-low style with wide sleeves and a neckline that is bordered with gothic lace.It has got inner pockets too. Product Specifications:Style: GothicFabric: 45% Polyester, 55%...
'Death Cult' Gothic Zip Up Waistcoat
A gothic zip-up waistcoat.Sturdy and made of jacquard with velveteen panels, It features a high collar and a swallowtail.Other details include a zipper slider. Product Specifications:Style: GothicFabric: 95% Polyester, 5% Cotton
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